FTD® Launches Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection

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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- FTD has launched its new Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection, a selection of premium permanent botanical arrangements offering a perfect alternative for those who want the beauty and artistry of live flowers in a permanent, high quality arrangement. Many of these top-quality, permanent arrangements are custom designed exclusively for FTD by Jane Seymour Botanicals and are not available through any other floral retailer.

The floral arrangements in the Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection are hand-crafted, hand-dyed and hand-painted with graduated colors, making them virtually identical to live flowers when viewed by the naked eye. In addition, many of these permanent botanicals feature life-like thorns on the stem and, in some cases, a water illusion to enhance the realistic look and feel. Customers can choose from designs featuring roses, tulips, peonies, calla lilies, anemones, hydrangeas, orchids and other premium blooms arranged with care by top flight designers.

"We are excited to partner with a respected and loved figure like Jane Seymour to give our customers yet another way to express themselves through the artistry of flowers," said Rob Apatoff, President of FTD. "FTD customers can choose from a wide selection of the finest fresh floral arrangements, live plants, luxury gifts and now the highest quality permanent silks to suit their individual tastes, personality and budget. The Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection arrangements feature exceptional realism, beauty, quality and value and provide the perfect alternative to fresh flowers for wedding arrangements, holiday gift giving, and home décor. We believe this new collection meets a clear need of many consumers and is the perfect complement to the FTD floral business."

Permanent botanicals are popular with a wide range of consumers, and especially with those who wish to add care-free floral accents to their homes. Usually, a monthly dusting can keep a permanent arrangement looking fresh and new for years. Permanent botanicals are long lasting, and are perfect for those who suffer from allergies to flowers. Importantly, permanent botanicals of all kinds are available year round, giving consumers a wide selection of possibilities regardless of the season.

The Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection currently offers 17 arrangements and FTD plans to add new choices on a seasonal basis throughout the year. Prices range from $40 to $300 with the majority of selections costing less than $150.

The Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection is the latest in a line of innovative new offerings from FTD including:

  • Better Homes and Gardens Flowers by FTD®, featuring an "Editors' Choice" arrangement chosen by Better Homes and Gardens editors.
  • FTD Luxury Collection, a beautiful selection of premium floral artistry featuring lavish flower varieties in artfully crafted designer vases.
  • Floral Jewels Birthstone Collection featuring unique floral arrangements in the color of the birthstone for each month of the year paired with gorgeous matching birthstone jewelry.
  • The Gift Galleria, featuring premium gifts selections from world-class brands that include luscious chocolates and sweets, savory gourmet snacks, fresh fruits and soothing coffees and teas.
  • Smithsonian® Flowers by FTD®, a line of potted orchid plants inspired by the rich and distinctive Smithsonian® Horticulture Division collections.

To view the Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals by FTD Collection, and these other innovative collections, please visit www.FTD.com.

About FTD®

FTD Group, Inc., through its operating subsidiaries including FTD.COM, Inc., is a leading provider of floral related products and services to consumers and retail florists, as well as to other retail locations offering floral products, in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. The business utilizes the highly recognized FTD and Interflora brands, both supported by the Mercury Man logo, which is displayed in approximately 40,000 floral shops worldwide. The consumer businesses operate primarily through the www.ftd.com Web site in the U.S. and Canada and the www.interflora.co.uk Web site in the U.K. and are complemented by the florist businesses which provide products and services to FTD's independent members. FTD Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: UNTD). For more information about United Online, please visit www.unitedonline.com.

About Jane Seymour Botanicals

Jane Seymour Botanicals is a web-based resource for consumers who want to decorate their home or other environments with the beauty of flowers that are long-lasting. The company's principals have their roots in the floral design and home décor industries going back 30+ years. Ms Jane Seymour, well-known actress, artist and philanthropist, is both the company's spokesperson and the inspiration for its designers. The web site, www.janeseymourbotanicals.com, launched in February, 2011.

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